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Wing Club


Club Meetings/ Plane Washs:

The following dates have been scheduled for the Club Plane Wash. As always, food will be provided.  The scrubbing begins at 1700hrs or as soon as you can arrive.

  • We meet at our hanger the third Tuesday of each month.



December 16th meeting and Plane Wash

Club members met at 5:30 to clean the Dakota. The Archer was down for it's 100 hour inspection, and will be washed at the next scheduled event.   

Matt laying down on the job.

It's amazing how many people are willing to wash the top half of these planes.

One very clean Dakota...to go please.

Putting the finishing touches on the interior.


Club FlyOuts:


Local EAA Chpt 91 & LXT

LXT FlyIn:

FAA Safety Seminar:


Other Local / Regional

Fly In's and Get Togethers

An extensive list of flying events located at FlyKC.com


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