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About Our Club

Established in 1946 the Wing Flying Club is one of the oldest flying clubs in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Currently based at Lee's Summit Airport (LXT), twenty-nine pilot members share ownership in two IFR rated Piper aircraft. 

Promoting interest in our local aviation community and providing economical flying rates to members, the Wing Flying Club strives to bring more people the benefit and pleasures of flying while inspiring study relating to aeronautics.                             

Membership - Want to Fly with Us ??

The Wing Flying Club may be interested in expanding the membership. 

Our cost structure is based on 3 things: 1) initial buy-in, 2) monthly dues, and 3) aircraft hourly rates.

  1. The initial buy-in is dependent upon negotiations between buyers and current members that are selling their memberships at a given time. 

  2. The monthly dues are $155 per month which cover our fixed expenses (hangars, insurance, property taxes, etc.).

  3. Our hourly rates are dry tach hours Saratoga is $55/hr and the Archer is $35/hr. The hourly rates fund our escrow accounts for engine overhaul, maintenance, and appearance. 

Memberships come open periodically, contact us for availability.  While we do accept students we may limit the number we have at any one time.  Our airplanes are not intended for beginning or early student training, and numerous, short flights interfere with members who want to take longer duration trips (multiple days or a week). 

If you are interested in participating in one of the greatest Flying Clubs in the greater Kansas City area, please complete a membership application form (see below)

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Current Memberships for Sale!!!

As of 02/14/2015 we have a single membership for sale. Contact the officers listed below.


Apply for Membership Here !!!

Complete the Membership Application Form and submit via e-mail or postal mail to club president Shawn Nault at dsnault@gmail.com or our Membership Officer at bjjones133@gmail.com

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Membership Application Form.doc

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